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Oskar Schlemmer - sacred bodies of sacred geometries

We are intensely aware of man as a machine and the body as a mechanism - drawings of Oskar Schlemmer bauhaus choreographer

Divine Proportions

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golden ratio | The most aesthetic proportion in art, sculpture, and buildings. A harmonic proportional ratio thought to have originated in the circle of Pythagoras (6th century BC) A straight line or rectangle is divided into two unequal parts in such a way that the ratio of the smaller to greater is the same as that of the greater whole.

Only with a pencil, ruler and protractor, without the help of a computer, Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo creates complex fields of three dimensional space where butterflies come to life and shells rise from mathematical spirals.

1967 Ford Mustang.Classic Car Art&Design @classic_car_art #ClassicCarArtDesign

My dream car! 1967 Ford Mustang Maintenance/restoration of old/vintage vehicles: the material…