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a close up of a wooden shelf with a green tiled wall in the background
Platsbyggda bokhyllor och måttanpassade bord
Matbord Haväng - Jerker Inredning & Form
an object made out of wood sitting on top of a floor next to a knife
Breaking Down Thos. Moser's Cumberland Chair
The rails that span the legs and support the saddled solid wood seat employ a double-housed mortise and tenon joint – achieving the desired simplicity without compromising strength.
a close up view of a wooden frame on a white surface with no people in the background
a wooden table with two green handles on it
thuispagina - Vij5
Very clever
a pair of scissors and some wood on a white table next to a piece of metal
the bushfire collection from forty nine studio
Making Woodworking Joints
a wooden table topped with bowls and plates
My Precious Companion by Nooktu (NOTCOT)
a drawing of a long piece of wood with holes in it and a pair of scissors next to it
Transfer Patterns With Lacquer Thinner
When I first started chip carving, I enjoyed every aspect except one—transferring the detailed pattern to the workpiece.
a pillow that is sitting on top of a wooden bench with nails stuck in it
Everything Creative - STYGN Pall & Bänk, bench and stool by Grimbergs...
Everything Creative — STYGN Pall & Bänk, bench and stool by Grimbergs...
three pieces of wood with crosses on them
Custom Arikata Serving Board — Oh Dier