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a wooden table with four curved sections on it's top and two legs that are connected to each other
a close up of a wooden table with a cone shaped object on it's end
The Design Walker
ddays - école bleue - saudade - The Design Walker
a wooden table with curved lines on it
Bureau en bois d'Aurélien Fraisse - Journal du Design
Inspiré des principes de l'Art Nouveau Aurélien Fraisse, jeune designer ébéniste, nous a contacté afin de nous présenter son meuble de diplôme de fin d'étu
a white surfboard sitting on top of a wooden stand next to a black and white object
Table B by Konstantin Grcic for BD Barcelona Design | Dezeen
a close up view of some brown cardboard shapes on a white surface with one piece missing
ECOR Europe | Enabling Your Circular Economy Ambitions
several different types of plastic sheets stacked on top of each other, with holes in the middle
Nomex Honeycomb - ECPlaza
Nomex Honeycomb - Aramicore Composite
an abstract pattern made up of black and white lines
Notice of Discontinuation of Online Storefront on 3D | 3D Systems
Macedonia image 2
a wooden table sitting on top of a white floor
Wooden table by Ruben Beckers weighs just 4.5 kilograms
Wooden table by Ruben Beckers weighs just 4.5 kilograms
a wooden bench sitting in front of a white brick wall with geometric designs on it
Leibal — Assemblage
Assemblage | Leibal