Cloud Artist Caitlind r. Brown premiered her large-scale interactive installation, CLOUD, for Nuit Blanche Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Made out of working lightbulbs and burnt out.

Bach: The Well Tempered Clavier for Sinfini Music

In Johann Sebastian Bach began one of his most ambitious works: a comprehensive guide to the keyboard, demonstrating the musical qualities of every…


Calling Brussels: A Clever Campaign To Help Ease Travelers' Minds - Zephyr Adventures

Water Light Graffiti by Antonin Fourneau, created in the Digitalarti Artlab

Water Light Graffiti: A Moisture Sensitive Surface Embedded with LEDs Creates Illuminated Art street art light graffiti device

Water Light Graffiti by Antonin Fourneau, created in the Digitalarti Artlab on Vimeo

The "Water Light Graffiti" is a surface made of thousands of LED illuminated by the contact of water. You can use a paintbrush, a water atomizer, your…

Elliot-Schultz_Wriggling-Detail Embroidered Zeotrope

itscolossal: “WATCH: Fantastic Embroidered Zoetrope Animations on Turntables by Elliot Schultz (really, watch this video, there’s so much more) ”

"Una Lumino Portentum" (2008) by U-Ram Choe - YouTube Flowers opening closing LED

"Una Lumino Portentum" by U-Ram Choe - A robotic sculpture that's wicked cool! Saw his exhibit at the Frist museum here in Nashville.

Rijksmuseum - dancing lamps - YouTube

Shylights are simple ceiling lights shrouded in translucent silk and designed to mimic nyctinasty: the process of a flower opening or closing in response to .

Sound art installations: Sound art installations come in various forms, and this metallic ball piec...

Sound Art Installations - Trend Hunter Kamal Musharbash Talks Artwork That Sings Like the Ocean

MICKEYPHON - kinetic av sculpture created for Disney

MICKEYPHON (pl: MIKIFON) is an interactive audiovisual kinetic sculpture, inspired by Mickey Mouse, created for Disney. MICKEYPHON listens to the sounds in the…

zBANAHm.gif (640×425)

The evolution of the desk - 1980 — the first personal computer model is surrounded by countless, tangible desk items