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How to Paint Cast Stone

How to Paint Cast Stone.

How to Paint Cast Stone

How to Paint Cast Stone.

How to Make Bamboo Products

Add some soft sound effects to your garden with personalized, handmade bamboo wind chimes to tap lightly in the breeze.

bamboo water feature

This rocking fountain, known as a 'deer scarer', 'deer chaser' or 'shishi odoshi', combines sound and motion to create a compelling water feature

And this one appears to be mobile.... 13 Attractive Ways To Add Privacy To Your Yard & Deck (With lots of pictures and resources)

A branch screen. remember idea: branch screens, built in planter boxes on rolling casters. Creates a moveable screen, with independent ivy growth-bonus boints for creating hinged, double screen frames that will collapse for moving or customizable sizes

Seated Kuan Yin Large Scale Cast Stone Statue

Give this Kuan Yin garden sculpture as a gift or add to your own Asian collection.

Archer Sculpture Replica Terracotta Warriors of China

Pedestal for General or Archer by Henri Studio : Apollo Statuary: Statues, pedestals, planters, fountains, and much more!

Terracotta Warrior

Terracotta Warriors: Replica Statues of Terra Cotta Army Soldiers .