Norman Duenas. Symbolism: Monarch Butterfly/MK-Ultra programming, death culture, clockwork, fractured mind, fragmented personality, merging of nature and technology

Creative Illustrations by Norman Duenas

Applied art commercial art print illustration by Norman Duenas titled "A Butterfly Effect." I really love the artists combination of nature with the human figure/skull and the depiction of a clock. It gives a great sense of the passage of time.

Kerby Rosanes - Sketchy Stories   Vinnie, you have to check out Kerby's is awesome mmi

Zentangle and Steampunk and Feathers and Drawing! So many great things! Arrow's drawinf for tattoo idea

The most intense moments the universe has ever known are the next 15... - but does it float

Movement by Guido Mocafico The photographer Guido Mocafico has explored these movements. He chose more complex and rarer mechanisms: a whole new world of know-how controlled by Master Watchmakers without any trace of electronics.

"Harlequin" by Dan Chase.

‘Harlequin’ Design for a client, he’d specified that he wanted a Chicano clown girl with diamonds incorporated somehow, this was my solution.

Mark Langan Cardboard sculpture

Mark Langan's corrugated cardboard sculpture

Mark Langan creates art from reclaimed cardboard and other materials. This design was created from corrugated cardboard and other recycled materials. Langan works with non-toxic glue, an exacto knife, and a lot of patience.

Fashion the only way

flying shoes art studio PRINT: Clock Face "Time" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

IMG_0175.jpg 516×1,024 pixels

Using stencils and modeling paste to create a steampunk effect on the colorful background.