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Ophelia is upset that her father did not receive a proper burial. King Claudius expresses his pity when he says: "In hugger-mugger to nter him; Poor Ophelia divided from herself and her fair judgement" (IV, v,

Colored feathers

rainbow feathers --- We provide vivid color like the every shade of rainbow which can be used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical products,etc. Our products are extracted from herbs & plants. It's natural.


It's official.I want a fox as a pet. Not the fox fur I've owned since I was two or so.I want a real live fox.


We saw a fox just like this on our hike the other day. on the trail behind us! Mommy got a pic, shell help me post it for you soon! But watch out for wildlife! Pretty to watch but not to play with :-)

i like this picture because this is one of the guitarists out of my favourite band but mostly because of the colours and the fact this darker figure in a bright light makes this image stand out more

Photos: Black Veil Brides Live in Philadelphia - Revolver Magazine Jinxx


BVB is just the best.But seriously, Andy literally rules the world when he makes these kinds of speeches to the haters who come to his concerts just to throw stuff and hate.