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an indoor lounge area with tables and chairs
Arrotato Da Crudo Rustic
Arrotato Da Crudo Rustic | • terracotta • machine-made-tiles | Artedomus
the interior of an office with wooden flooring and white tables, chairs, and plants
What is wellbeing within interiors? - by Interior Designer Laura Baarda
What is wellbeing within interiors? - by Interior Designer Laura Baarda
an office with tables, chairs and plants in the middle of the room that is empty
10-14 White Lion Street Spec Suite - London | Office Snapshots
an office with moss growing on the wall and desks in front of it's windows
Cofidis Offices - Lisbon | Office Snapshots
a living room filled with furniture and a spiral staircase in the middle of an open floor plan
Sales Office | ON STUDIO | Archello
Sales Office by ON STUDIO
a large room with wooden flooring and chandelier hanging from the ceiling above it
Four Seasons Hotel
an empty room with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and lights on the ceiling
Cornell University Sculptural Lighting Feature
Kaynmaile mesh was used to create these cloud-like lighting features for Cornell University’s community meeting space. It was designed by and for the university’s students to bring a more intimate atmosphere to the large shared space. #kaynemaile #architecture #design #innovation #creativity #inspiration #productdesign #designinspiration
the ceiling is made up of many square shapes
Gallery of Maido Sushi Restaurant / Child Studio - 14
a room filled with lots of wooden tubes hanging from the ceiling and chairs in front of it
Pavilion Number 2 - MSA Team - Parametric Architecture
Pavilion Number 2 - MSA Team - ParametricArchitecture
the ceiling is made out of wood and has multiple shades of brown, red, and black
Oberflex : Decorative surfaces and acoustic solutions
an empty room with chairs and tables in the center, while a man walks by
OCAD U CO Incubator Offices - Toronto | Office Snapshots
a chair sitting on top of a floor next to a wooden shelf filled with books