Morris likes to incorporate natural elements into his design patterns such as birds and other animals.     This is a tapestry by Morris featuring a rabbit.

William Morris - PreRaphaelite Designer - Wallpaper - The Forest tapestry (detail of the hare) The tapestry also includes a fox, a raven, a lion, and a peacock

#fairiemagazine. 6/24 is international Fairie Day

Hare rider - Winter’s Children — by Lavender & Lark

Amanda Clark: title unknown [dance of the hares in a moonlit meadow]; medium unknown.

themagicfarawayttree:The Relentless Affection - Hare Art Printby on Etsy

"The Golden Hare"  by stained glass artist Tamsin Abbott

The Golden Hare by Tamsin Abbott Painted, Engraved Stained Glass