Sunshine on my Shoulders - John Denver. I've always loved John Denver and his songs. This one is very special.

Sunshine on My Shoulders John Denver Back in 1976 I bought John Denver's first album. Sunshine On My Shoulders makes me cry every time, over the years since 1976 to now.

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While not a huge fan of the style of these ceramics, I do quite like the painted background which frames a collection from Bonnie Marie Smith: Trophies

Cathy Rose

An artist's studio. Cathy Rose composes work for Jazz Fest. by betsyyoungquist

breaking bread

breaking bread

A Stop-motion Music Video by Ainslie Henderson for Moving On by JAMES

Moving On: A Stop motion Music Video for James Made with Yarn by Ainslie Henderson yarn stop motion music video animation (Agh this was so amazing and sad I had tears in my eyes. Must watch!

Smallest Stories

* Bonnie Marie Smith is an artist living in the Hudson Valley of New York State. Bonnie makes all kinds of art, but she is especially fond of ceramics, drawing, and collage. Her beautiful and myste…

домашний альбом - 17 fotos | VK

домашний альбом - 17 fotos | VK

70: Queen Anne Lady Doll, England, c. 1750, carved wood : Lot 70

The Best Baby Dolls to Add to Your Collection