There are so many beautiful images to choose from. You will notice that I tend toward certain animals and that I like the odd pose. And then there are the occasional scarves and hats and knitted garments.......
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Pura Raza Española stallion, Marmito. photo: Wojtek Kwiatkowski. Beautiful Horse

Striking grey horse with black points. I LOVE white horses with black manes and tails ❤❤

Lilykit she kit looks like her father. Born to Feathernose and Oakfur. PB: ME!!!

15 Purrsome Cat Breeds That Behave Like Dogs – The CATDOGS

What a beautiful kitten: Kitty Cats, Doll Face Persian Cat, Ginger Kitten, Cats Kittens, Red Cat

This is the stallion I told you about. He is a TN Walker and is just absolutely gorgeous. I am so happy that they're coming today. His name is Snowstorm and the filly's is Starlight.

Gray tobiano Mangalarga Marchador stallion, the coloring reminds me of space and galaxies.

Coral Forest - Palomino Morgan horse mare

Coral Forest - Morgan horse mare (World's Edge Goldoak X Kennebec Topaz)

You make me feel safe....

Smiling mice — Photographer Miroslav Hlavko took this photo of two tiny dormice snuggling up together while clutching onto a dried reed after their nest was destroyed by loggers Picture: MIROSLAV.