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What marketing channel am I?
What #marketing channel am I?
Direct feedback is important
Direct feedback is important, especially for startups #startupadvice #businesstips
Stop doubting and start doing
Stop doubting and start doing. Growth is in the execution of your plans. #Motivation #Growth #Productivity
Leadership Tip: Document EVERYTHING!
Great leaders know that setting goals and delegating tasks is just the beginning. To ensure long-term success and transparency, documenting every step is crucial. This not only keeps the vision alive but also paves the way for future leaders to build on the foundation. Remember, your legacy is as strong as the trail you leave behind. #Leadership #Management #BusinessTips
The Magic Number in Marketing
Here’s a concept that’s as old as marketing itself yet as relevant today as ever: the Rule of Seven. It’s one of those foundational ideas that has shaped not just how we approach marketing, but also how we can understand human interaction and communication in general. The rule of seven should be considered in your marketing strategy moving forward. Click to read the full article.
a white paper with black writing on it that says balancing empty with accessibility the leadrope
Balancing Empathy & Accountability in Leadership
The success of an organisation's leader often hinges on their ability to balance #empathy and #accountability effectively. Read the full blog post online.
Low Morale & Leadership
Low morale is a #leadership problem that can be fixed with considerate intervention.
Company Culture
Company culture for better #productivity Subscribe to 'A Marketer's Mindset' newsletter to receive weekly tips on brand building, marketing and productivity straight to your inbox.
a white paper with black writing on it that says, the five pillars to effective innovation
Emotional Intelligence for transformative growth
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is More Than Just a Personal Trait. It's a critical professional skill that enhances workplace dynamics and leadership.
A black and white infographic breaking down why empathy in leadership is key to success. Leadership Is, Mental Health And Wellbeing, Empathy, Earn Trust, Understanding, Health And Wellbeing
Why Empathy is the Key to Leadership Success
Empathy in leadership is the true differentiator between great and average leaders.
Life in Marketing
Life in #marketing isn't always easy...
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Your Brand Values & Purpose Matter!
Your brand values and purpose are key to success. 💯 Make sure to stay true to them! ... #brandvaluematters #brandtips #brandvalues #strategist
a tweet with the caption'shift from product - centic to emotion - centric marketing '
Emotion-Centric Marketing Wins!
Focus on connecting with emotion.
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Marketing that transforms peoples lives!
Build campaigns that leads to brand loyalty and love!
11 Simple Marketing Strategies That Work for Start-Ups