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Let's talk customer loyalty
Let's talk customer loyalty. You want your customers to do three things: - Come back - Spend more - Tell their friends How? 1. Emphasise the feeling of exclusivity The "members only" mentality is still a big deal. 2. Offer unexpected rewards Not everyone wants a discount. 3. Get personal Every reward should feel tailored to them. 4. Leverage social media Turn customers into brand ambassadors. Remember, a loyalty program should make customers feel valued, appreciated, and special.
Luxury Marketing Tip 02
👑 Luxury Marketing Tips 02: Treat customers like royalty! .... #luxurymarketing #marketingtips #marketingstrategy
Luxury Marketing Tip 01
👑 Luxury Marketing Tip 01: Pay attention to small details ... #luxurymarketing #marketingtips #marketingstrategy