The ultimate round up of cool math games. The games are also sorted into grade level, so it's easy to find the games that suit the level of your kids.

70 Cool Math Games

70 cool math games, separated by grade level. An amazing list to help add excitement and fun to your math lessons. That equals more learning!

Used for subtraction from ten with the Early Years - this looks like a great way to keep maths fun!  This can also be adapted by labelling each pin from 1-10. Whichever ones have been knocked down, the child must add them up e.g. knocks down number 4, 7 and 9. The child must then add these up to find the total.

Subtraction Bowling

What the Teacher Wants!: Addition and Subtraction. Subtraction bowling with free printable. Fun way to practice basic facts.

'Building' Our Knowledge of Addition...1 Tower At A Time!

'Building' Our Knowledge of Tower At A Time! Students could also be asked just to build a tower with the number of blocks they see on the card.

JPEG image - More maths resources to help understanding of number ...

JPEG image - More maths resources to help understanding of number . In the other year 3 classroom they had a maths resource shelf quite like this where the resources were named with pictures to help all children clearly see where each resource is.

Water beads and numicon (water area)

Love this fab simple to set up Numicon water tray idea! Links funky fingers and…

How Many Ways of Making Numbers Can You Cook up?: Give each group a French Fry Sum Card. They worked together to find as many addition math facts for that sum as possible and then wrote those math sentences on their construction paper french fries. Place the addition facts in the correct french fry box.

First Grade Fever!: French Fry Math Center FREEBIE & a Super-Big Thank You! As weeks go by keep adding french fries to the different numbers. It reinforces how many ways you can get to the same number

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