Our carefully crafted little morsels burst with flavour; perfect before dinner or with drinks for a party.
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three small appetizers are sitting on a white plate with green garnish
Jackson Gilmour
seared scallops in delicate pastry shells
a wooden cutting board topped with meat and veggies on top of each other
British beef, cooked to perfection and served with pesto and fresh basil
an egg is sitting on top of a black spoon with a sprig of green
Smoked haddock soufflé with dill served on spoons.
there are many different types of food on this blue table top, and one is topped with green leafy garnishes
Tuna served in crunchy canapé cones and presented in a fun glass "test tube" holder.
small cupcakes are arranged on a wooden tray
Mini ice cream cones served on a driftwood platter.
a plate with some sushi on it
Tuna sushi canapés.
three burritos with different toppings sitting on top of a cooling grate
Delicate crab cones.
three small appetizers are sitting on a white plate with green garnish
Scallops served in light, pastry shells.
some food is on a blue plate with green sauce and other things in the background
Lightly boiled quails eggs in parmesan baskets.
small food items are arranged on a black plate
Delicious duck rolls.
four small pots with plants in them on a white platter against a white background
Crab pots with sprouting celery.
three deviled eggs are on a white plate with sea salt and garnish
Mini eggs served in real egg shells.
some kind of sushi with chopsticks on the side
Duck with blueberries on a multigrain cake. One of our popular Superfood Canapés.
three appetizers with shrimp and lettuce wrapped in paper on a wire rack
Mini prawn cones served on a chip pan.