Oh what would I give to have been in Carnaby Street back in the day.

style has swung back around at and it’s all about meets mod meets for the new season. It’s time to stock up on mini skirts, and as the new season goes

Mod girls on Carnaby Street, London 1967.

1960s Swinging London Fashion

Ewa Aulin in Candy, from Christian Marquand (1968) @Ignacio Schiefelbein Serantes did you saw it?

'Candy' - 1968 starring Ewa Aulin, Ringo Starr, and many, many others.

顔型別♡おすすめツイッギー風ショートヘア - Locari(ロカリ)



Twiggy became synonymous with Quant's designs during the Sixties, in particular this pink a-line dress from 1966 Popperphoto

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