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Giorgia Napoletano is an Italian photographer/photo-manipulator who blends dark themes of body metamorphosis and obscure digital alterations. Despite her young age and entering college, she’s been published in Australian, New Zealand, and other European e

Tears fall for her heart to be consoled by the pain and suffering it bares from the loss of the only heart she wants and will ever love. She rides into everynight filled with an emptiness inside, aching for the pain to stop. No moment passes by that her life is not filled, and surrounded with thoughts of what could and should have been. Waiting to ride with her one true, only heart. Her laughter is no more, her tears flow daily from the pain, sorrow that her desperation has caused. She is…

dia de los muertos If I get a skull for dia de los muertos I think I want it on the left side of my back about of the way down (I don't think that's a common place to get a tattoo, & I like to be different)

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Beautiful room divider - tree trunk that passes through the shelves - Legno naturale che passa attraverso mensole

Creative ideas for using up space under stairs

Storage, Astonishing Custom Wooden Bookshelves Inside Stairs In Mahogany Design Ideas Custom Bookcase Stairs Design Wooden Stairs Without Handle In Modern Living Room Interior ~ Compact Under Stair Storage Ikea to Utilize Under Stair Space

Under stair closet redone into storage! So want to do this for toys/books and what not!

For under stair storage. This unit has cupboard and shelf storage, designed to make use of an otherwise dead space area. from Goodlife Joinery