Photographs of Sunsets as Reflected through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright

Photographs of Sunsets as Reflected through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright (Colossal)

Broken Mirror/Evening Sky is a series of images by New York photographer Bing Wright who captured the reflections of sunsets on shattered mirrors. The final prints are displayed quite large, measuring nearly across by tall, creating what I can only ima

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Mario S. Nevado (aka Aegis Strife) created a striking photo manipulation. Called Deliberation, it was of a stunning statue in incredible distress as she's burning up from within.

layer art by ~Chrisknx on deviantART

texture -layer art by ~Chrisknx on deviantART I used a model of a magazing and added about 5 layers below it, and just cut certain parts of the top layer and underlying layers to create different layers showing on top.

Antonio Mora - "Bye" . Through this email Ud. may acquire the work of this unique artist who gives his work a strong personal imprint.

Who Broke Your Heart In Your Past Life?

LINE Antonio Mora The jagged, fractured lines that are over the image create a sense of disarray and lack of order. The photo clearly represents a break in a relationship (of some sort). Through the use of line, the image feels broken also.

It breaks our heart to see this wonderful glass broken but this is quite enhcanting!

The broken glass directly symbolizes Rahel's brokenness within, as well as the depression she encounters now due to her diconnescted relationship with Estha, the betrayal of Velutha, and the detached relationship between her and Ammu.

colour square sphere - olafur eliasson

Projektbild - 'wonderful things pass you by' fragments of happiness, light and colour?