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Desde la nave en la que se aleja hacia el mar, Yasuki ve a La Muerte paseando sobre Hiroshima, hecha de huesos, ceniza y humo negro. No sabe si es una alucinación, un mutante o simplemente un engaño de las nubes y las sombras al atardecer.

harry potter the deathly hallows death black and white illustration my favorite part of the movie was the tale of the three brothers.

39- We ran off to go find Wendell. I felt a cold rush of wind run by, I looked behind me to see what it was but there was nothing. I looked down and saw shadows but they weren't mine. I saw the creature, it was so terrifying. It's shadowy figure with a black hood holding a bloody knife in one of it's skeletal hands. “Stay away!" I yelled at it. Nico stood beside me with his sword in hand, and Kliyah had her ice ready. “What are they?" He asked me. “Blood venoms. They're after children of the…

A Dementor is a gliding, wraith-like dark creature (considered one of the foulest to inhabit the.

Sasha Reheyol @ Major Models by Mathhew Pandolfe Clothing Amy Conte | looks like a modern day nazgul =p

Sasha Reheyol @ Major Models by Mathhew Pandolfe Clothing Amy Conte // leather asian fashion design

It is really fun to use game characters in RPG as NPCs... And really, really, REALLY fun to use them as villains... (Corvo from Dishonored by AJ Hateley)

ajhateley: “ Corvo Attano and The Outsider - Dishonored By A. Hateley Prints and Postcards Here ”