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This is such an easy hand print crab! Perfect for an ocean or under the sea theme.

Through creating the crab art activity, students will be able to individually identify different sea animals, such as the crab. Students can also identify the different parts of a crab for a more in depth lesson

Homemade Christmas cards

Use card stock and misc buttons to make your own Christmas cards. The card stock can be bought at Walmart, etc. or at most any craft store. The buttons come in bags at most craft, hobby, or fabric stores.

Aluminum STAMPING NECKLACE Kit Metal Stamping by SupplyYourSoul, $38.00

This Metal Stamping Necklace kit of Aluminum Stamping Blanks and 12 ball chain necklaces is a great way to get started in metal stamping.

metal stamping ideas

It was a busy IF Only Pretty weekend – filled with cutting metal, stamping, etching, and brainstorming new designs and ideas. The next couple of months will be hectic and busy, but I am so ex…