Belles oreilles de lièvre avec une nouvelle lune et une vieille lune

nice rabbit inspiration - - - beautiful hare earings with a new moon and an old moon

Collier conçu par Sara Lloyd Morris, d'un lièvre sur un paysage ancien

necklace designed by Sara Lloyd Morris, of a hare running over an ancient landscape

Image d'un lièvre, d'une aquarelle et d'une feuille d'or, par Jackie Morris

image of a hare running, watercolour and gold leaf, by Jackie Morris

trois lièvres, en cours d'exécution dans un cercle, blanc dans le paysage d'hiver.  peinture à l'aquarelle par Jackie Morris appelé

three white hares ~ painting by jackie morris ~ "Three hares are chasing one another in an everlasting circle. They share between them only three ears which form a triangle in the center of the design, yet each animal has two ears.

Le lièvre et la pleine lune

Jackie Morris grteetings cards in aid of the musicians benevolent fund

Carte pour 2009 pour Musicians Benevolent Fund, peinte par JAckie Morris

Jackie Morris grteetings cards in aid of the musicians benevolent fund

Design de tasses pour MBF montrant des musiciens à Windows

mug design for MBF showing musicians at windows

curiouslovers1.jpg (910×1280)

The Space Between the Fox and the Hare; or, a Curious Love Story - Jackie Morris Artist


The Moth Winged Hare, by Jackie Morris -- Watercolour and goldleaf

Feuiles de chêne

The balance of life as an artist and writer living and working in Wales: or, how to ignore housework.