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Jacqueline Mulholland

Jacqueline Mulholland
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I still call the boys Magcon (or the boys) I know that theres the new Magcon but thats not my Magcon.


And all of those people that are like, you have to meet them to be a real fan- well you don't because I'm still a fan. They don't have to know you exist either because they love all of their fans!

Magcon boys

Okay so right I hate it when people obsess over everything and try to like take it everything like in my highschool there's people who only knew magcon for like 2 months and call themselves a fan

MagCon Birthdays (Taylor Caniff, Jack Johnson, Carter Reynolds, Hayes Grier, Matt Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas, Jack Gilinsky, JC Caylen, Aaron Carpenter, Sam Pottorff, Jacob Whitesides and Nash Grier)

Zodiac Signs Taylor: Aquarius Jack J: Aries Carter: Gemini Hayes: Gemini Matthew: Cancer Shawn: Leo Cameron: Virgo Jack G: Virgo Aaron:Libra Nash: Capricorn