Agostino Bonalumi (Bianco, 2010). Agostino Bonalumi creates works, which are strongly determined by geometrical shapes. Breaking up these stiff shapes led him to a freedom of movement of the included objects. Monochrome works appeared, whose ridges and troughs were marked by wires attached on the back. The structure of the canvas was broken up by moving systems of lines, which transgressed the lateral limitations.

Agostino Bonalumi : “Bianco” (Paintings)


Amazing Gradient from bright color to wood. So called dip-dyed wood.

Miroir en larmes

Water Mirror

Drippy acrylic mirrors - Mizukagami/Water mirror - Collaboration between Rikako Nagashima, a young art director and Hideto Hyoudou, an acrylic craftsman.

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