This example of photomontage works well because it is visually interesting and has a lot of contrast. The photo of the woman is in black and white while the photo of the plant is shown in color this contrast makes the image stand out more.

rocio montoya (I need a guide)

Rocío Montoya is a talented photographer, graphic designer and editor from Spain with a love for handmade collages and experimental photography. More collages via Inspiration Now

Paper Collage Art Print Penguin Art Antarctica Map Art Arctic Iceberg. $10.00, via Etsy.

Idea for using maps-Print of Paper Collage Art Penguin Art Antarctica Map Art Arctic Iceberg

weeping words and white photography woman vintage dada-ism

Snowbringer Art Print

this image implies that the woman feels as if tis becoming hard to keep her emotions together as she is so emotionally encased in her dark thoughts (Annegret Soltau)

Multiple images sewn together Shows transformation in how someone may want to be. I like this because it is a combination of multiple images attached through staples?

Dada created this picture to make people think more in depth about the message it portrays, it could be saying the programs are controlling the population by how ignorant they have become to the news and current time frames with certain things that are happening around the world. People have became so blaze about cercumstances that we are facing. The power technology holds to brainwash a whole generation with things that don't matter, whether being in a working class environment or upper…

ORWELL brainwashing TV people media Men's T SHIRT 8 colours 6 sizes

The people will believe what the media tells them they believe--George Orwell.**he was SO FAR AHEAD of his time and into ours.image by Political Follies

This beautiful piece of art shows a link between Order and Disorder very clearly. Could be used to show Skeleton.

Lorena Cosba-could do this with students-a self portrait, and a contrasting image to show what's underneath. Note: Transformation in time peeling off effect layering the same face but in different time.

French artist Matthieu Bourel, based in Berlin, makes wonderful collages from actors’ photographs such as Gregory Peck, and also famous actresses and singers. With a surrealistic and sculptural dimension, he decomposes, pastes and detaches the different parts of a body or a smooth face.

Surreal Photo Collages

Matthieu-Bourel- beautiful collages of French artist Matthieu Bourel, from his series Duplicity, Faces and Ubiquity, created from photographs found in books or old magazines

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