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I'm Fine . But truly hurting people won't speak the truth of pain. But God can help you you if you are one of those that lie every day and say I'm fine.

Ripped photos by Jacob a.k.a. Mailbomb

Ripped photos by Jacob a. Mailbomb Maybe an idea for the mental illnesses and feelings project : have the rip from cut marks and underneath write words like irk mean ones?

Shocking. Sickening. Powerful. Sad how many young girls hate their bodies because they won't look like those photoshopped magazine models!!!

Meg Gaiger Harpyimages is the creator of this powerful and moving photo. Thanks for contacting me Meg so that I could credit you properly!

Gives the idea of being trapped inside your self. Your emotions and feelings. Links to overlap.

Eyes are the window to the soul. a soul that cannot escape the mind, a soul trapped in the darkness, trying to escape, screaming for help but no one hears and no on sees.

...actually it's all in your mind-body when it comes to art therapy and the creative arts therapies, but the image is cool.

Not sure if this should go into "quotes' or "art". Love the illustration and the idea. change your thought and your life change with you

This image makes me feel despair because it's like the woman is falling apart on the inside, but makes herself seem like she is fine to the public eye on the outside.

There comes a time in the lives of certain Christians when the Bible becomes a microphone for Satan, the church becomes a clique they can’t fit into, and the whole idea of God coming down to earth to save mankind starts sounding, well, ludicrous.

Some beautiful and intense photographs, conveying an important message. Be mindful. Be here now. We are all ONE.

PHOTOS: What's More Scandalous Than Promiscuity?

huffingtonpost: “ 11 Powerful Feminist Messages, Written On The Bodies Fighting For ThemA powerful project by photographer Liora K gorgeously captures the issues individual women care about.

DISMORFOBINA. Barcelona-based photographer Natalia Pereira created this uncomfortable series, Dismorfobina. The photographs brings attention to body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a mental illness involving body image issues that results in depression and social phobia. The artist says of the series that it is a “message that encourages us to search for our imperfection.” Natalia Pereira8

Barcelona-based photographer Natalia Pereira created the Dismorfobina. The photographs brings attention to body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a mental illness involving body image issues that results in depression and social phobia.

Justin Bartels, Impression ‘The series focuses on the clothing that women think they should wear, or are told what to wear, to impress someone in a sexual manner. There is a physical mark that is left from these clothes, showing the discomfort women go through.’

Justin Bartels - Impression “The Impression Series showcases what women go through to attract. It shows the actual imprints left on their skin from the binding apparel they wear.

Jenny Saville & Glen Luchford - Closed Contact Having observed the operations of reconstructive & aesthetic surgery, Saville was eager to express the violence & anesthetized pain of this experience in her own work. Luchford & Saville began an artistic collaboration that captures the full range of color, tonality & topography of live flesh, in large photographic tableaux. Distortions confront & coerce the viewer into an examination of one's own body & the grotesqueries & beauties inherent…

30 Contemporary Painters You Should Know

Jenny Saville / Glen Luchford: Closed Contact, Limited Edition (with Type-C Print Version "D")