Brilliant ideas for what to put inside your Christmas Eve box! Look at our impressive wooden boxes range for more inspiration at

Jackson 5 Christmas Goft 3 x pjs 1 x movie 1 x book 1 x popcorn 1 x christmas drink cups 1 x rocky road bar 1 x santa plate 3 x reindeer food 1 x Dog treat for Milo

DIY Stockings from thrift store sweaters! - Find it, Make it, Love it

No fireplace in your house? No problem! Try this DIY stocking hanging board. You could even put it in a spot where it could be used for sweaters or some other kind of hanging during the year.

Personalised Christmas Eve box

Personalised Christmas Eve Box Storage Fun Festive Treats Children Magical Memories Solid Pine Santa Wooden Box Kids Baby First Christmas

Personalised Christmas Eve Box

Personalised Christmas Eve Box

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