Yayoi KUSAMA :: Love Is Calling, 2013

Yayoi Kusama: "I who have arrived in heaven" Exhibition, Photo by Will Ragozzino This immersive sculptural room is entirely an experience, forming hypnotic architectural art pieces. Fun and vibrant mood.

CAGED "A Parrot for Juan Gris" Joseph Cornell Surrealistic objects collage as inspiring diorama. Lost Marbles Copper Metal Art & Jewelry: Joseph Cornell’s Boxes

keepsake assemblages in box mount frame - for people living with disability that attach objects to memories - image inspiration: "A Parrot for Juan Gris" Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell - Working with found objects, pages from old books, and dime-store trinkets, self- taught artist Joseph Cornell (1903–1972) transformed everyday materials.

'Dime-Store Alchemy': Joseph Cornell's Surrealist Boxes

Untitled ( the Hotel Eden) 1945 - Joseph Cornell think of creating your own frames and boxes within the box

yayoi kusama's mirror rooms, pumpkins and paintings abound in london

unfolding across victoria miro gallery’s three london locations and waterside garden, an exhibition by the famed japanese artist features a monumental collection of paintings, pumpkin sculptures, and mirror rooms created especially for this presentation.

The Naturalist's Childhood, 2015 Rebecca Edwards (Adelaide, Australia) natural and found objects including sulphur-crested cockatoo beak, cuttlefish beak, snake backbone, kelp roots, woodpecker-pecked birch bark, blackbird eggs, Victorian era china and images, beeswax, handmade paper, tissue paper, shadow box 19.7" x 15.7" x 2" (50 x 40 x 5 cm)

The Naturalist's Childhood by Rebecca Edwards (Australia). In the tradition of the Joseph Cornell Box.

Sarah Enoch, necklace, plastic

SARAH ENOCH-DE uses a personally developed and intricate technique for achieving a delightful lightness to her work. Her plastic necklaces are all about movement, texture, colour and a seamlessly fit to the body.

Hands and a graveyard on Halloween! Conceptual and Surreal photography by Jenna Martin Photograph

Jenna is a fine art and underwater photographer based out of Billings, Montana where she lives with her fiancé Chris, their 2 dogs (Smoltz and Maddux) and

Alena Asenbryl's ethereral Layered Fragment necklace is so tactile,

Alena Asenbryl's ethereral Layered Fragment necklace is so tactile,