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Okay, usually these posts don't do anything to me, so I don't pin them or repost them. But I honestly can't fail! But fail an exam?

I Think We Found Our New Disney Princess…

I Think We Found Our New Disney Princess… << remember in Shrek when Snow was attacking people with animals? << are you saying what I think you're saying << yes<< omg this is the best!<<< does this kid teach this power by any chance?


lordtaku: “unclefather: “can’t risk it ” THIS PIECE OF PICTURE WORKS. ” Wouldn’t hurt to try ” At least always is cool to see a four leaf clover, either it works or not ”

They hurt her>>they hurt her>>They hurt her>> STOP

They hurt her story. I have immunity cat. Why am I posting this.I have immunity cat,dog,and others,why am I doing this?

Gulabi Gang: a group of women in India who track down abusive men. all abusive men.