Steve Allen

Steve Allen

Just behind you / Incredibly handsome master of all villainy
Steve Allen
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Well done, BiC

Bic responds with style.

HALO Kitty by yodaflicker, via Flickr - Joseph Senior

Master Chief Hello Kitty~ I think my hubby and some his friends might think this is taking hello kitty too far! Halo time for HK!

This is true.

My favorite thing about kermit the frog is that sometimes he makes this face. My fave Kermit face

Awesomely retarded

Natalie Portman from Star Wars, not a hipster lol. I think it's funny that the girl that posted this before me didn't know it was Natalie Portman from Star Wars.

You'll Nail it

Girlfriend test: Match the pairs Girl's response (Boyfriend test): Nope, you forgot Atari‚Äč.

Or they might not

Perfect description of me.yes, I am an introvert.I usually do not speak first.I am not stuck up.I am not anti-social.I am just an introvert.