Ryan Burke, Photographer And Makeup Artist, Showcases Self-Portraits

LOOK: Photographer Transforms In INCREDIBLE Self-Portraits

Ryan Burke is a New York-based photographer and make-up artist whose work ranges from fre.

Animal Visage Portraiture - Charlotte Caron Paints the Faces of Wildlife onto Human Photographs

Animal Visage Portraiture

Charlotte Caron is 23 years young artist from Paris. The paintings of artist Charlotte Caron explores both the tendency between the animal and the portrait.


French artist Charlotte Caron makes very interesting paintings. For the works, a combination of photography and painting, she paints animal heads looking like some sort of masks over the faces of photo-portraits that she takes herself.

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Pat Perry: New Sketchbook Works + Print Releases

New sketchbook pages by Michigan-based illustrator Pat Perry.Pat PerryPat PerryIllustrations And Sketchbook Drawings By Pat PerryPat PerryPat Perry

Little Accidents by Ally Burke Tattoo Art Canvas Print. Ally L. Burke is an artist ne'er-do-well and English major currently residing in a backwoods borough somewhere in the southeast. She enjoys tea, death lore, and weird bits of history.

Little Accidents by Ally Burke Siamese Twins Two Face Canvas Art Print

A gift for: Maimed conjoined twins, of course. little accidents.

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Ally Burke: Leslie

Original acrylic painting of a little monster lady named Leslie. Painting is roughly inches and comes with a lovely vintage frame.