George Rodger, England. London. Picadilly Circus. 1940.

Picadilly Circus, London, England, United Kingdom, photograph by George Rodger.

London bomb damage, 1940

1940 London at War - London Bus 1940 - Wreckage of bus leaning into huge crater in front of bombed out buildings, a result of German aerial blitz attacks during the Battle of Britain.

Wolfgang Suschitzky: St Pauls Cathedral, London, 1942

Wolfgang Suschitzky St Paul’s Cathedral, London, 1942 From Wolf Suschitzky: Photos Thanks to liquidnight

Children sleep in hammocks on the rails of a London Underground station. (Of course, the electric rail is switched off.)    November 1940

November 1940 - children sleep in hammocks in the London Underground, using it as a shelter during an air raid. The electric track was switched off, for safety, when people sheltered in Tube stations.

london during the blitz x

Blitz Britain: Amazing colour pictures of London under siege from Nazi bombers during World War II

Colour photograph of the city of London after a German air raid, 1940

London, after the blitz

20 Historic Black and White Photos Colorized _Abandoned boy holding a stuffed toy animal. London 1945 _ Original Photograph by Toni Frissell Colorized by HansLucifer

A jitterbug contest at the Paramount Dance Hall on Tottenham Court Road

Girl dancing the Jitterbug at the Paramount Dance Hall on Tottenham Court Road. London, United Kingdom - February 1944 - Photographer: David E.

London, Sept. 1940

Huge area of debris in London after heavy German air raid bombing attacks during the Battle of Britain. Location: London, United Kingdom Location: London, United Kingdom Date taken: September 1940 Photographer: William Vandivert

London During The Blitz and Now

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