Jake the Obese Sloth

Jake the Obese Sloth

Jake the Obese Sloth
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Oh my gods

This is so much more terrifying than what was on Supernatural, though that was kinda scary too. Somehow the actual legends are worse than what we can morph them into. >>> Until Dawn was based on this legend actually and mentions Wendigos a lot

I got : Divergent! Beware they will try to kill u!

I got : Divergent! Aptitude Test: Which Faction Do You Belong In? You broke the system. You belong to two or more, be very aware, any will kill you. I'm divergent you can't control me Jeanie!


I hope naruto repeats the chunin-exams, if he becomes hokage, I wasn't to see him fighting whith his ultimate awesome jutsu's against a year old genin XD