great shirt

The picture is that of an obese young boy who’s t-shirt has been photoshopped into saying, “I Fuck On The First Date”.

Fuck the poe-lease

I'll slow down next time I see a sign, "Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft.


Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Death, Murder. You can't coexist with people who want to kill you.

FG fo life

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A cure for tourettes!" Very funny, somewhat offensive tourettes cure t shirt.


when i was your age I didnt go backpacking around europe. I bombed the shit out of it. I love the little old people:)

Wurd up

You Didn't Thank Me For Punching You in the Face -- "When was it decided that we should start teaching our daughters to accept being belittled, disrespected and abused as endearing treatment?