Fall down seven times, Stand up eight.

Fall down seven times, Stand up eight.

great shirt

The picture is that of an obese young boy who’s t-shirt has been photoshopped into saying, “I Fuck On The First Date”.

Im on da right

Sienna presents herself like the corgi on the left, but I *know* she really feels like the one on the right. Such a piggy for treats.

Fuck the poe-lease

I'll slow down next time I see a sign, "Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft.


Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Death, Murder. You can't coexist with people who want to kill you.

FG fo life

From the hilarious perversions of Herbert the Pervert to the Cookie Monster's secret habit, the twenty-five funniest Family Guy GIFs ever!

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