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a pan filled with mushrooms covered in sauce
Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Creamy mushroom sauce is the perfect addition to steak, burgers, chicken, potatoes, rice, and so much more! Sour cream gives this mushroom wine sauce extra flavor and tang. #letthebakingbegin #mushroom #mushrooms #sauce #mushroomsauce #saucerecipe
steaky pork belly burgers with quick pickled vegetables
Sticky Pork Belly Burger
Sticky Asian style melt-in-the-mouth pork belly, stuffed into a soft brioche bun and loaded with quick pickled veggies and a jalapeno kick! This is one indulgent burger. Perfect for a weekend treat! #betterthantakeout #porkbelly #chineserecipe #asianrecip
a pan filled with pasta and spinach covered in cheese
Italian Ravioli with Spinach, Artichokes, Capers, Sun-Dried Tomatoes
a white plate topped with ravioli next to a slice of bread and a fork
Mushroom Ravioli With Parmesan Cream Sauce
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crispy chicken burgers stacked on top of each other
Crispy Chicken Burger with Honey Mustard Coleslaw
My Tried and Tested Crispy Chicken Burger with Honey Mustard Coleslaw is Soo Amazing. Using my secret recipe for making the perfect Crispy Chicken served on a toasted brioche bun, with jalapenos and lettuce. Waaay better than takeout! #ChickenBurger #Fakeaway #CrispyChicken #ChickenRecipes #Takeout #ButtermilkChicken
green bean salad with feta cheese and olives in a blue bowl on a wooden table
Greek Green Bean Salad Recipe | The Mediterranean Dish
Greek Green Bean Salad Recipe | The Mediterranean Dish. Perfectly tender, flavor-packed green bean salad prepared Greek style. A garlicy, zesty dressing pulls it together, and a sprinkle of feta and chopped marinated olives take it to a new level of delicious. Get the easy recipe on #greenbeans #greekfood #greekrecipe #mediterraneanrecipe #mediterraneandiet
several pictures of different types of bread
Estonian Kringle - Cinnamon Braid Bread
Cinnamon sweet bread twist - orange glaze and walnuts - Darázsfészek | Hozzávalók (egy közepes méretű pecsenyesütőhöz, 15 db-hoz) TÉSZTA: 0,5 kg liszt, 3 tojás, 2 dkg friss élesztő, 2 dl tej, 5 dkg porcukor, csipet só, 6 dkg vaj v zsír. TÖLTELÉK: 10 dkg vaj, 10 dkg porcukor, 15 dkg darált dió v mák. Tetejére locsolni: 1,5 dl tej, 5 dkg cukor, 1 cs vaníliás cukor. 2-3 dkg vaj a tepsi kikenéséhez.
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