Jakob Withey

Jakob Withey

Dorset / I am an experienced barman/barista, that likes to build things in my spare time
Jakob Withey
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Webmuster, das wie Patchwork wirkt

Love this weaving pattern. What a great fabric craft! You could use about any pattern of fabrics! The article I believe is in spanish but the pictures are pretty clear so I think you can try these patterns by using the pictures as a guide!

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Inspired by Christopher Nolan's 2010 sci-fi film 'Inception' the Wave City coffee table by Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris integrates wood steel and printed technology to create an unconventional piece of modern furniture. by hypebeast

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The person who wrote the Sentence may be a genius; however, the person who wrote the Reason is not. Example "third word is three letter(S) long; Example twentieth letter (WORD) is twenty letters long!

Hamlet quote

The most infamous of Hamlet's speech is this particular soliloquy.This was a decision we had both contemplated for much time though during separate occasions. This soliloquy exaggerates Hamlet's confusion and indecisiveness in the story as he goes over ev