Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow by Sami Thorpe

Copied from an image taken by & Wild Life& / This sprightly character was drawn on medium surface cartridge paper using a mixture of – pencils. He took just over 25 hours from start to finish and is a particular favourite of mine.

"Swallows" ~ Collograph by Kerry Buck, British Printmaker & Painter .

Week 12 Create page using recycled book paper, stamps, stencils and collage/stickers

Library competition - hand out old pages and have each student create something from that page?

Frida Kahlo artist coloring page

Diego Rivera Coloring Pages & Frida Kahlo Coloring Pages

Goldfinches - collagraph 76cm x 31cm Kerry Buck

Kerry Buck - Goldfinches on Teasel fruit - collagraph print

Hare - pencil drawing | Artist / Künstler: Vivienne Coleman |

Artist: Vivienne Coleman - Title: Hare - Materials/Techniques used: Pencil - Inspires, why? The simplicity of the drawing and its plain background allows the observer to focus closely on the detail of the drawing itself

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