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Give your friends this adorable Rudolph by filling a glass jar with homemade hot cocoa mix. To make this simple Christmas food gift: 1. Layer ingredients in jar, then cut four 3-inch pieces of brown chenille stem and wrap them around a longer piece. 2. Tie on additional 1-1/2-inch pieces to form Y-shape antlers, then hot-glue finished antlers onto the lid. 3. Cut out eyes from white and black construction paper. Glue eyes and a red pom-pom nose onto the jar.

Simple Christmas Food Gifts Christmas food gifts aren't just for your favorite foodies. A special homemade treat presented in a decorative container deepens the meaning of giving for any loved one. Share these Christmas food gifts with teachers, friends

portable camping toilets for campers

DIY OutHouse While preparing to “rough it” in the woods for 9 days, we decided to browse the web to find out how to make a camping toilet. We found lots of great toities! Inspired by all the great ideas, we designed this toilet for comfort and balance.

20+ Inexpensive Summer Break Activities for Kids

20 Inexpensive Summer Break Activities for put together a list of inexpensive summer break activities for the entire family! With this list you can spend quality time together as a family without breaking the bank.

portable fire grate,

Future project with dad for up lake CJ Forge Camp Grill - Grill with 4 corner stakes, 2 crossbars and 8 grill bars. Grill disassembles for easy storage and packing when camping.