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Even if it means you have to sit with them while they work. | What It Is Like To Have Met "Your Person," As Told By "Grey's Anatomy"
Grey's Anatomy - April's Sisters staring down Cristina
Day 13: Favourite quote: Not my only favourite, because there are SO many to chose from, so many amazing, heart stopping quotes. But this one has stuck with me since the finale. She says goodbye in the way we would all wish our BFF would. Words that you would carry with you forever. Amazing. I love it! <3
I enjoy watching Grey's Anatomy and having it ruin my life.
Grey's Anatomy..loved the way this episode was done; Alex's speech..So Great!  "This is the day my life begins..."
pôster greys anatomy (shepherd) com moldura
Chasing cars-the song greys plays when a character dies):
cristina yang, meredith grey, and grey's anatomy image
30 Inspiring greys anatomy quotes #Greys Anatomy #Quotes
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