I was born beside the ocean so this really brings out colors of the waves.

The World's 12 Most Important Women Painters

"I try to paint the sound of the sea", Maggi Hambling. The World's 12 Most Important Female Painters on…

awesome Destroying nature is destroying life on Behance... - a grouped images picture

Robin Wood - Destroying nature is destroying life. Note from Husani: This is an example of double exposure photography. That is a popular art directional technique.


(this is why i dont like to swim in the ocean!) Monsters on Post-It Notes - Post It Note Art by John Kenn

Illustrations by Juliette Oberndorfer #conceptart #conceptillustration #illustration

Concept Art by Juliette Oberndorfer Takes Us Into the Woods

Juliette Oberndorfer takes us into the woods with her colorful concept art. The colorful characters are dwarfed by the tall trees and waterfalls.

Moon gazing

The Universe has got all information from you. The things u like are on their way & will appear in perfect timing.

"A bridge in the Fog."  ©Jason Scheier 2014

And welcome to our new weekly selection of Speed Paintings in collaboration with the Daily Spitpaint FB group . This week the selected artist are : Alex