A Strange Futuristic Scenery

A Strange Futuristic Scenery

White Castle by Yuri Shwedoff. (via ArtStation - White Castle, Yuri Shwedoff)

"If any doubt remained that the strange structure was a portal, it vanished as…

♂ Dream Imagination Surrealism Knocking on heaven’s door by Jie Ma Reminds me of doctor who

Strike Force by rOEN911 | Digital Art / 3-Dimensional Art / Vehicles / Futuristic | Sci-Fi Concept Spacecraft

수송선 혹은 수송기지 H iall, Well the last coupld of days i was looking to make something new but not something of the usuals (planes/armor) so here it is , A sci-fi military cargo ship and craft escort.

Red... Sometimes I feel like this in the Morning.

I want a robot who is like a human who doesn't give a dang anymore. Flips people off when angry. Blatant disregard for people's feelings.