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SHOU SUGI BAN colors charred wood

Would love to do this for our privacy fence - with wood going horizontally// Dating back to the the shou-sugi-ban process can vary, but typically involves applying fire to the wood’s surface, cooling it, brushing away excess soot.

Jag vet inte vilken typ av golv du vill ha. Men jag lägger till några för inspiration! Här har du lite olika typer av trä. :)

A beautiful at a glance guide to the various wood grains and finishes available for acoustic guitars: Pure vs Dark Tung Oil.

In this simple and modern living room, there's a wood entertainment console, while an accent wall of concrete has lighting embedded in it, drawing the eye upward to the high ceiling.

Galería de ORIGAMI interviene Logroño con una estructura que se autosostiene para Concéntrico 03 - 27

Image 13 of 29 from gallery of This Wood Pavilion is Supported Entirely Through Origami Folds. Courtesy of Manuel Bouzas