Barry Sheene

Barry Sheene, believing the reason he lost 3 consecutive GP world championships to Kenny Roberts was due to the Yamaha being better than his Suzuki, coupled with unrealistic wage demands saw Barry defect to Yamaha. It turned out it wasn't the bike.

Barry Sheene – I hope it was just a presentation and he didn’t have to ride his bike in those weather conditions…

Barry Sheene at very cold Donington Park launching his new bike for the season

Barry Sheen

Barry Sheen drilled a hole through the front of his crash helmet so that he could smoke a cigarette at the start line.

The legendary Barry Sheene. Broken but not beaten. He survived two 170mph crashes and got pieced back together with steel pins, screws and plates, to race again. Salutations to the man and his memory.


“Your arse, if you’re going fast enough.” –Barry Sheene’s famous retort when asked by BBC, “What goes through your mind during a crash?

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