Alexander Calder Necklace

merry renk, Sterling Silver Necklace with Opal, Courtesy of Mark McDonald, 330 Modern American Modernist Jewelry, May 3 – August 2008 This exhibition is composed of artists who broke away from the mainstream of jewelry design and loo

Dawn of the Day ( detail ) - Petar Meseldzija

Artist: Petar Meseldzija {contemporary figurative male human body man posterior back painting} ♥ Powerful !

I like how this piece is a different shape. Also, it is cool how the framing is the sides of the bridge and how it's created to make your eyes move and end on the feet.

David Hockney Photograph-This photograph is put together with multiple images of the same subject. Each Photo is taken at a different angle and respective.


The Giacometti Variations by John Baldessari at Fondazione Prada, Milan 2010 - Alberto Giacometti - Sculptures - Surrealism Movement

Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti "Portrait, Lithographic crayon and pencil on paper. The Museum of Modern Art New York.