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This artist's impression shows the distant dwarf planet Eris. New observations have shown that Eris is smaller than previously thought and almost exactly the same size as Pluto. Eris is extremely reflective and its surface is probably covered in frost formed from the frozen remains of its atmosphere. The distant Sun appears to the upper right and both Eris and its moon Dysnomia (center) appear as crescents.<br />

The new object is one of many dwarf planets orbiting at the edge of the solar system. This artist's conception shows the previous record-holder for distance, a dwarf planet called Eris.

Amazing Island in Croatia (I think)...

Croatia: Visovac-tiny island in center of Visovac Lake, with amazing monasteries, museums and churches. in the middle of Visovac lake. About upstream from Skradin

Lego Hoth :)

Avanaut is a talented photographer, who succeeded in giving a really nice effect to his Lego Star Wars Hoth Series… More on his flicker account. I’ll be back with more from Avanaut late…