Fantastic way of mixing things that shouldn't work. Experimentation is key with collage. I don't like creating collages without the main images being my own work, but it could be interesting to incorporate other work, old photographs, sketches, patterns etc (not my words)

Fantastic way of mixing things, Experimentation is key with collage. try creating collages that incorporate your own photographs and old photographs, sketches, patterns etc

Instagram is a wonderful thing. It joins us all together and introduces us  to things/people/places that we might not have seen otherwise. This place  is somewhere that we found this way and we're so glad that we did.   Conservatory Archives is a plant shop. It's a rough-and-ready space on  Hac

Conservatory Archives : London

Plants Everywhere! Conservatory Archives : London — Haarkon - Our home for houseplants, greenhouses, travel, photography and lifestyle.

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1984 essay outline presentation about birthdays Business Presentation. > Essay Samples > Summary Essay Samples > by George Orwell, and journalist George Orwell in 1948 and had the Soviet Union.

The Duchamp Dictionary

The Duchamp Dictionary

The artwork for 'Melophobia' from American rock band Cage the Elephant was created by illustrator, artist and graphic designer R Clint Colburn

The 20 best album covers of 2013

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Michael Craig-Martin - Eye of the Storm 2003 (Arrangements question) I'll put these bright colours on my windows and doorways pictures which i have layered like this picture has been layered with different objects.

Robert Rauschenberg, Bellini #1, 1986 Photogravure

Robert Rauschenberg Bellini Intaglio with photogravure printed in colors.