The Charleston House. Hand-painted screens, doors and fireplaces, hand-embroidered cushions.

Angelica Bell in the garden at Charleston with her father Duncan Grant (left) and brother Quentin Bell (right).

Angelica Garnett (last surviving member of the Bloomsbury group) held by her father Duncan Grant (left) and brother Quentin Bell (right).

* Commedia dell'Arte Scene 1924 Duncan Grant

* Commedia dell'Arte Scene 1924 Duncan Grant Oil on wood, 185 x 97 cm Collection: Portsmouth Museums

Vanessa Bell, Mortimer Road, Cambridge, March 1932. Photos by Lettice Ramsey (thanks Cate)

Vanessa Bell Mortimer Road Cambridge March 1932 Photos by Lettice Ramsey

Your Paintings - Duncan Grant paintings

❀ Blooming Brushwork ❀ garden and still life flower paintings - Duncan Grant, ‘Garden Path in Spring’ 1944

Young John Maynard Keynes at Eton. Credit: SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY British economist whose ideas have fundamentally affected the theory and practice of modern macroeconomics, and informed the economic policies of governments

Duncan Grant / The Mantelpiece, 1914

Vanessa Bell - Artist, Duncan Grant - Roger Fry - Artist - Clive Bell - Art Critic- Dora Carrington - Virginia Woolf - EM Forster - writer- Evelyn Waugh - writer- Lytton Strachey - writer and

Virginia & Leonard Woolf's Spaniel by Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell (English painter and interior designer) 1879 - 1961 Virginia and Leonard Woolf's Spaniel, Pinker