Joints replacement

Joints replacement Graphic for the Health section describing which and how joints are replaced as well as their estimated duration. Illustrator, Lightwave and Photoshop.

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Got A Pain In The Neck?... Quick Tricks To Alleviate Neck Pain

Back and neck stretches minutes a day 3 days a week.perfect for my stiff neck and back as a hairstylist :) spinal flexibility and stretching exercises postural chart xxxx

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Aaron Kuehn’s Skeleton and Muscle Typograms - Free PDFs for Wall Art. A free and last minute present for someone studying anatomy or friends who love design and typography. Find the Skeleton Typogram here. You can print your own free PDF.


3 Yoga Postures That Can Lengthen the Life of Your Joints

Wide-Knee Child's Pose with Twist From a kneeling position, push back toward your hips, spreading your knees as wide as they will allow without straining. Twist your right shoulder toward your left knee, stretching your left arm back. Rest your head on

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3 Yoga Postures That Can Lengthen the Life of Your Joints

Eye of the Needle Lie on your back with your knees bent. Rest your right ankle atop your left knee and draw it toward your chest, reaching your left hand around the outside of your left leg and your right hand between your legs to interlace your finger

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Creative Study Techniques That Actually Work

27 Ways to Have the Healthiest School Year Ever, this site has TONS of tips for everything thats ruining you during the year! 27 Ways to Have the Healthiest School…


Color Palette Inspiration: Earth Tones

Dad, the avid reader, kept a pile of newspapers on a chair in our mudroom.

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A old woman believed to be dead from an overdose scared doctors who were about to cut out her organs by waking up! Yikes, If doctors can't tell when someone is definitely dead then we are all in trouble! Read more here

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Let’s take a moment to remember one of the greatest writers of biology and natural science books for children and students: Dr. Herbert S. Zim (July 1909 – December is responsible for.

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The hand bones are also known as carpel bones. In in depth source to learn and see the anatomy of all the different bones in the hand.