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White Hart Lane, 1964 | Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

“Fantastic photo taken from the front of the Church of St Francis de Sales facing White Hart Lane.

Unlikely friends......or the beginning of a new species of half-dog-half-killer-whale? Killer Dogale.

Sweet, sweet Luna the Orca Whale. This is Luna, and she is nose to nose with a dog. Sadly Luna was killed shortly afterwards for no reason. :'( I hate it when things like this happens. people are so cruel to animals.

Black fins, blue moutains, pink skies. Orcas in Norway by Koen Hoekemeijer.

These fins do not belong to the shark family but rather the whale family. They are fearsome creatures and pack hunt their prey wearing it down until they feast


bathe-the-whales: “ “ adviceforvegans: “ Before & after- Keiko: Star of Free Willy Despite the controversy surrounding Keiko’s rehabilitation and release, no one can deny what these.

Whale watching in #Iceland. From our post: Top Ten Things To Do In Iceland

The unethical capture of wild killer whales so that they can be held in captivity could be banned off the coast of Washington State, where more than half of the killer whales currently in captivity came from. Demand that the ban be passed into law.