Art today is a new kind of instrument for modifying consciousness and... - but does it float

Art today is a new kind of instrument for modifying consciousness and organizing new modes of sensibility - “Scratch boards” by Jane Masters Title: Susan Sontag

Max Frisch

Luminant Point Arrays photography by Stephan Tillmans. Images taken at the moment a tube television is switched off.

Richard Long

points and squares through a coffee machine : Richard Long :: Dartmoor Walks

Bill Hinz

Our lives today are not conducted in linear terms. They are much more quantified; a stream of random events is taking place — but does it float

Roger Ackling

Roger Ackling - Five Sunsets in One Hour 1978 Ackling draws scorched lines by concentrating the sun’s rays through a hand-held magnifying glass. To obtain the ‘sun lines’ for this work, he stopped at.

Maino Eduarda Emilia

Dadamaino (Maino Eduarda Emilia) was born in 1935 in Milan, Italy. She was a self-taught painter who took up art after completing a medical degree.

Gilbert & George

The Artists' Postcard Show at Spike Island, 6 April - 17 June 2012

Sol Lewitt, Douglas Heubler, Ed Herring

Museum of Modern Art Oxford anniversary celebration - selection of exhibition posters dating from Like the simplicity of this one.

Bill Jacklin

Bill Jacklin, 'Catena' 1970 A mark drawing. Not very exciting but interesting.

Richard Long

Richard Long, ‘Two Straight Twelve Mile Walks on Dartmoor, England 1980 A walk as work of art