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Red Fort, Agra, India

Agra Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is about km northwest of its more famous sister monument, the Taj Mahal. The fort can be more accurately described as a walled city. (built before Red Fort Agra by ~CitizenFresh

Spiral staircase. Mahabat Maqbara, India.

Spiral staircase in Mahabat Maqbara, India. This stairway is one of four belonging to the Mahabat Maqbara - a mausoleum of a nawab of Juanagadh.

Meditation Tower, Gadisagar Lake, India

Gadisagar Lake, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India by Dey

Junipers: The Curliest Trees on Earth

Juniper Tree (Juniperus osteosperma) in Canyonlands National Park in Utah, USA.

China - mysterious mist-laden mountains

Cerro Torre, Argentina - South America is high up on my travel bucket list for sure, especially Argentina.

IMG_0063.JPG (2048×1536)

IMG_0063.JPG (2048×1536)

Predjamski+Castle.jpg (1200×845)

Predjamski Castle: Integrated in a Cave llama Castle’ (Slovene: Predjamski grad or Grad Predjama, German: Höhlenburg Lueg, Italian: Castel Lueghi) is a Renaissance castle built within a cave mouth in[.


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